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Twi-night post before snoozing

Earlier today(actually,yesterday),my sister updated the Spyhunter utility;and we were both shocked at how many cyber-parasites the previous version missed.After the scan,she cleaned the Trojan horses out.However,just a while ago,the mouse started to misbehave.I wasted little time doing another scan;and there were already several "severe" parasites not even 10 hours after the first scan/sweep,with all of them swept out.I'm seriously beiginning to wonder if Windows ME is a spyware magnet...

BTW,due to a recent pre-emption for special programming,the hour-long Inu-Yasha finale will actually air on Yomiuri TV and parent network Nippon TV a week later(on the 13th);closer to the beginning of Japan's fall TV season...
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