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One last Olympic shoutout...

Congratulations to the entire Japanese contingent who won a Japanese Olympic record(for most Japanese medals in a single Olympiad)37 medals at 2004 Athens Summer Olympics and matched a Japanese Olympic record(for a single Olympiad)by winning 16 gold medals(this record was set in the 1964 Tokyo Summer Games);including Kenji Inoue(bronze in men's freestyle wrestling for the 55-60 kg range in the final day of competition),Kouji Morifushi(whose silver medal in the hammer throw was upgraded to a gold after Hungary's Adrian Annus failed a drug test),and Kyohko Hamaguchi(who not only was her country's flag bearer in both the opening and closing ceremonies,but will return home a gold medalist as well).If only Osaka hadn't lost out to Beijing in the bidding for the 2008 Summer Games...

Additionally;congratulations to the U.S. contingent on taking home the most medals(103 total,35 gold),as well as the Thai contingent on taking home a Thai Olympic record(for a single Olympiad)8 medals(3 gold,a silver,and 2 bronze).

Of course,if there was a seiyuu Olympics,Kappei-sama would win a gold medal every time!

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