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There's still 2 days left,but still...

Congratulations to the women's synchorized swimming team(silver medal)on winning Japan's 35th medal of the 2004 Summer Olympics,padding to the new Japanese Olympic record for most medals in a single Olympiad by the Japanese contingent.BTW,did I forget to mention that they've won 15 gold medals in Athens,their most in a single Olympiad since The 1964 Tokyo Summer Games when they won a Japanese Olympic record 16 gold medals?

Well,at least one source now says that a new anime version of Blackjack will assume Inu Yasha's time slot(beginning in October)on YTV which has confirmed the series' cancellation.Hopefully,Kappei-sama won't be subjected to bad female seiyuu casting in any future(post-Inu-Yasha)voice projects...

BTW,here's my take on some users giving out their wireless numbers on their LJ posts(not intended to offend anyone who's actually done so):if anyone wants to ring up my cell phone,the number's (666)420-6969.
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