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On a record setting pace...

Congratulations to 5 more Japanese Olympic medalists:

  • Saori Yoshida(gold in women's freestyle wrestling,55 kg)
  • Kaori Icho(gold in women's freestyle wrestling,63 kg)
  • Hiroyuki Tomita(silver in men's gymnastics,parallel bars)
  • Chiharu Icho(gold in women's freestyle wrestling,48 kg)
  • Kyohko Hamaguchi(gold in women's freestyle wrestling,72 kg)

With 6 days left in the 2004 Athens Summer Games,Japan has already racked up 31 total medals,their most in a non-boycotted Summer Olympics.They're already within a medal of matching their total they hauled in the 1984 Los Angeles Games which were boycotted by the then-Soviet Union and most of its satellites...
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