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J-pop,anime,and the Olympics:not that weird of a combination...

Not only did I win the Tokyo Babylon CD lot(after fending off 2 rival bidders),but I'm also bidding on another copy of Megumi Hayashibara's Shamrock.Earlier in the year,some b@$tard overcame my excellent bid on a copy in an eBay auction(link to this auction has expired)...

Already,the Japanese contingent at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics have won 26 total medals,exceeding their combined haul at Sydney 2000 and Salt Lake 2002;and the Games are only slightly over halfway.Congratulations to the latest Japanese Olympic medalists:

  • Mizuki Noguchi(gold in the women's marathon,the second straight for Japan in this event as Naoko Takahashi pulled it off in Sydney)
  • Noriko Anno(gold in women's judo,70-78 kg)
  • Kouji Murofushi(silver in the men's hammer throw)
  • the men's cycling team(silver in the track sprint)
  • Takehiro Kashima(bronze in men's gymnastics,pommel horse)
  • the duo of Kazuto Seki and Kenjiro Todoroki(bronze in men's sailing,470m)
  • the women's softball team(bronze)
  • the men's 4x100 relay team(bronze in this team swimming event)
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