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Post before dinner...

Since my subscription renewal wasn't quite processed in time,I acually had to purchase a newsstand copy of the current Newtype USA issue.

For those who managed to watch that far in the opening ceremonies of the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics(I went to bed halfway through the Parade of Nations because of today's early shift.),how WAS the caudron lit this time(the 1992 Barcelona Games involved an archer firing a flaming arrow into the cauldron,Atlanta 1996 involved a twine thingie moving up a wire into the caldron after being lit,and Sydney 2000 involved a cauldron being lit before moving up a "treadmill" leading to a position towering above Stadium Australia)?

BTW,congratulations to Tadahiro Nomura(men's judo,60 kg)and Ryohko Tani(woman's judo,48 kg) for getting Japan on the medals board(with gold medals,no less).
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