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A smorgasbord entry...

Well,today I received all 3 K.O. Seiki Beast CD's won in a recent eBay auction.Alright,I know I could have bragged about it in an earlier post;but I didn't realize until after I placed the strong opening bid that some anime CD's from the seller were genuine Japanese releases and some were Son-May releases(which was how she acquired them as they were used).Fortunately,the crapshoot was a great one:Not only were all 3 CD's genuine AP Records(an imprint of Sony Records Japan)releases(SRCL-2380,SRCL-2434,and SRCL-2577)that came with free decals;but(in addition)the last of the 3 CD's includes drama tracks featuring the voices of Kappei-sama,Mika Kanai,Yuuko Mizutani,and Naoko Matsui(all of whom also star in the anime as well which I have all 3 region 1 DVD's of but haven't watched yet)...

Speaking of eBay,I won a used eReader for my GBA.Even better,I got it for less(tax and shipping included)than what they charge for a new one...

Finally,I'm looking forward to getting my first taste of a big-guns annual philatelic exhibition:The 2004 edition of the annual APS Stampshow will run from tomorrow through Sunday at the Sacramento Convention Center.I plan on being there either tomorrow or Friday,most likely the former...
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