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Shopping for anime DVD's online

Today,I received in my e-mail a "15% off an order of $9.90 or more" from CDnow.Considering that I had a shade over $71 in store credit from past anime VHS orders that ended up being backordered for at least 6 months before I got impatient and eventually cancelled them,I took advantage.Here's what I ordered(all are dual-language English/Japanese DVD):

  • The Castle of Cagliostro(1980,from the director of Mononoke Hime)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena:The Rose Collection #1(a double DVD set)
  • Tenchi the Movie #2:Daughter of Darkness

When it came to shipping,I got daring and selected next-day express;and I STILL ended up have a couple bucks worth of store credit left.^^They should be arriving by Tuesday.Too bad CDnow either had overlaps with what I have on VHS but out of stock or didn't carry the ones I was looking for.;_; Also,I found Aeris while playing FF7 last night.
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