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The old-school Nintendo gamer inside...

With my hourly pay(since at least spring)now at over $11 dollars;I decided about a month or two ago to get myself one of the following:either a Game Boy Advance SP,a portable DVD player(some models can now be bought for as low as $160),or a PDA(a longshot since the WiFi compatable ones cost an arm and a leg).

Recently,when reading the Azumanga Daioh Wikipedia article I clicked on the Osaka link.In the resulting Wikipedia article,there was a link to the Nintendo article since it was based in nearby Kyoto.I clicked on that article,and just about every Mario Brothers game had a Wikipedia article.As the first and third Super Mario Brothers games were among the first video games that I was seriously into(even though I actually became better in the Dragon Warrior games),reading the articles game me the urge to get at least on Super Mario Advance remake for my Game Boy Advance.I bought the first version almost as soon as it came out.However,my sister seems to play on it more than I do,as she's the real video gamer of the house.

Then yesterday,as soon as I left work after working a midday shift;I walked into a GameStop in the same shopping center.I asked them how much a used SP cost($80)and then if they had at least one in stock.They had a black one in stock,and I was hesitant just for a fleeting moment.Then after they told me that the AC cord/charger was included,I decided to buy it.After doing so,I went to an in-the-same-center Circuit City to check what SMA games were in stock.Though the original SMB game(part of the Classic NES Series for the GBA)was out of stock;not only were there plenty of copies of SMA 4:SMB 3,but two different editions of the strategy guide(one from Prima and one from Nintendo Power).I grabbed a copy of the latter along with the game;was checked out and out just in time to catch the first of 2 different buses home.

While killing time between the first and second buses,I went to see if World's Best Comics to see if the third Code Name Wa Charmer domestic graphic novel was in since they get it faster than the bookstores(unfortunately,it wasn't out yet).

Once I got home,I charged the unit for an hour;then I tried it out(SP and game)before dinner.I kept losing lives faster than usual;and hopefully,no one who is reading this LJ entry has read the comic strip Fox Trot...
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