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When cell-phone headsets aren't always mufflers...

Around 6:40 in the morning,my cell phone rang loudly even with a hands free device plugged in.Since I was jolted awake by the rude awakening,I answered it(the caller blocked out the caller ID,resulting in a "restricted" message).The caller(who was male) didn't seem to speak clearly at first;and when I said "hello?,"he sounded like said "Doug?"I repeated after him,but he said it again.I said it again,then he finally asked him "Who am I speaking to?"I truthfully answered "Mike,"then he finally hung up.It was brief,but still enough to disrupt my sleep.So far,no one who doesn't live with me doesn't have my number...yet...

*hopes this doesn't give anyone any ideas,especially anyone trying to heckle my anime couples and/or seiyuu preferences/anti-preferences*
Tags: anime, cell phones, rl, seiyuu
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