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On anime conventions...

Even in the regional mini-cons held inside a shopping mall,give yourself at least a few hours to explore.This past weekend,there was the premier edition of an anime-oriented spinoff of Sacramento's quarterly comic con at a mall across the street from work.Since the shifts I got this weekend were long midday/early evening shifts,I figured that I'd spend 30-45 minutes there before work(due to time constraints).It wasn't enough.Even when I thought I knew what I wanted to get,I only end up getting sidetracked because some vendors had out new items that weren't out yesterday.I didn't want to leave empty-handed,but I did.At one of the "bootleg" vendor booths,I saw the first 4 multi-DVD sets of One Piece(Japanese dialogue with optional English and Chinese subtitles),but the $40-a-set price seemed exorbitant even for Taiwanese imports.I'd figure they could be had cheaper online even after shipping.Even though TOKYOPOP had a couple employees at a booth,they didn't know much on release dates or specifics on individual series...

Speaking of online shopping;on eBay,some rival bidders can be so desperate that they'll even kill good proxy bids by bidding repeatedly,which is unfortunately and exactly what cost me the Twinbee Paradise music CD I recently placed the opening bid on.Even worse,the winning bidder's feedback rating exceeds 150+ with just one negative all time(he's/she's been registered for almost 4 years).Not to mention that the initial asking price was a little high,too.All that trouble for nothing.

On the flipside,the Twinbee Paradise/Hakkenden CD mix-up has been resolved rather quickly:Not only has the Hakkenden drama CD been safely received by it correct recipient,but I also received that Twinbee Paradise part 5 CD that I had expected to receive.Turns out that it had been still in Japan and never mailed in the first place;but the whole situation could have been even worse...
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