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Great (un-)expectations, continued

When leaving feedback for the 3 CD'S(please see my previous post),I did mention the mix-up when leaving feedback for the pertinent CD.A few hours ago,I received e-mail not only from the seller,but also the intended recipient of the Hakkenden drama CD.From what she said(yes,it was a lady),the mix-up may involve multiple buyers,as she didn't receive the second Twinbee Paradise CD that I intended to receive.Well,at least it's getting sorted out,as I hope to send that incorrect CD to its proper recipient within the next week or two.Hopefully,the whereabouts of my correct third CD will eventually surface...

BTW,I just found this post on seiyuu fanart as drawn by fans.My take is this:As long as the artist doesn't put Kappei-sama and either or both of 2 seiyuu who I won't identify in the same piece of fanart,it's fine with me...

On a low note,I seriously hope that the users that are selecting "Put it in" on this poll I posted at animedvd are simply voting impulsively...
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