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Great (un-)expectations

Well,the 3 latest won-on-eBay Kappei drama CD's of mine arrived in the mail over the weekend,but with a bit of a twist.All 3 had damaged cases,but with the CD's intact.The Plastic Little "image soundtrack"(SRCL-2823) didn't have a back-of-the-case card because the manufacturer packaged it in a way that the top side was facing outward.Additionally,I ended up receiving only one Twinbee Paradise CD due to a seller error;but the one I did receive was the very first of the series(KICA-7626).

As for the "other" Twinbee Paradise CD I won,I ended up instead receiving a Hakkenden CD(PICA-1028)which still features Kappei-sama(as does the anime which I've yet to see).There's even a good twist,too:In a welcome big switch from anime that they've been together in,the respective characters that Kappei Yamaguchi and Noriko Hidaka voiced in both the anime and audio drama are not lovers because they are blood siblings!This CD is probably a keeper because of this.If I had to buy the DVD of either this or A Wind Named Amnesia(haven't seen,but don't intend to),I'd pick the former.Not to mention that both the drama and anime also feaure Toshihiko Seki(the only male seiyuu who's significantly co-starred with with Noriko Hidaka more than Kappei-sama has)as well as quality female seiyuu(Minami Takayama,Masako Katsuki,Miki Itou,Aya Hisakawa,Sakiko Tamagawa,Kikuko Inoue,Chieko Honda,etc.).BTW,I was able to get a 10-pack of blank CD cases at Tar-zhay and replace the unusable damaged cases with a few to spare.

Recently,while browsing through the manga section of Waldenbooks,a basketball-themed sports manga(Shizuru Seino's Girl Got Game,available from TOKYOPOP)caught my eye.I've skimmed through a volume or two while browsing and would like to get into it,but why am I slightly and secretly hoping that it never gets made into an anime?
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