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Good news,bad news...

The good news:I won all 3 Kappei CD's mentioned in the previous entry.A couple of rival bidders chipped away at my strong bid for the Plastic Little one,but wimped out at the end.The 2 Twinbee Paradise CD's were won with uncontested bids.

The bad news:Matantei Loki Ragnarok,a series in which IMHO should have been licensed only by either 4-Kids or Nelvana,was licensed by ADV.If only they let Takahiro Sakurai be the full-time seiyuu for the main character,it would actually be O.K. with me.

Oh,well.I'll just give more seiyuu their own Wikipedia entries.As long as Loki's "other" seiyuu doesn't get an English-language entry...

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