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Just when I think I can move away from eBay...

I'm now bidding on 3 Kappei-relevant drama CD's,all from the same seller:Not one,but two Twinbee Paradise CD's.I'm also bidding on a Plastic Little soundtrack with drama tracks,but at least it's incomprehensible compared to the anime which is major blowtime.Thank goodness Kappei-sama very rarely gets the raw deal he got in this anime(i.e.,a good performance by him getting ruined by a bad one by a seiyuu I prefer not to mention directly)...

Speaking of seiyuu,congratulations to Megumi Hayashibara on giving birth to your first child(a girl)...

Finally,on a non-anime note,I just took advantage of LJ's special offer for users who had a paid account for at least some time during last month(as a courtesy to those inconvenienced by various server problems they had last month.With the 2 free months I got with the 12-month renewal I just ordered,my paid account doesn't expire for a shade over 2 years,barring anything apocalyptic on June 6,2006...
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