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On memes/quizzes...

On occasion,I'll find an interesting meme;but most of the ones I run into don't seem exciting to me.Right until I read some recent friends entries,I had never heard of the "Russian sausage" meme(supposedly it's entirely in Russian);and then again,it still doesn't seem "appetizing..."

It's one thing playing a baseball doubleheader,but it's strange when both games go into extra innings(Giants 9,Orioles 6 in the opener in 11 innings,while Baltimore salvaged the split with a 5-4 win in 12)

My verdict on Code Name wa Charmer:Good plot;but Narumi Kakinouchi may be trying to hook up two characters that don't belong together,giving poor Yuuji Nonaka(-sama)a raw deal in the process.Why can't he just be paired with the character that was making a move on him in the second GN?If I only knew when the third GN came out...

With the transit schedule changes* on some of the routes I frequently utilize taking effect tomorrow,trying to get to work may be a crapshoot... *link was temporarily out of order at the time this entry was posted
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