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Anime ramblings,as usual...

Well,I've won not only one,but two Megumi Hayashibara CD's(Whatever and Sphere),both from different eBay sellers.I already have 3 other Megumi CD's(all won on eBay):Enfleurage,Bertemu,and my favorite so far,Iravati.The latter two are "first pressings" that include hardcover mini-photo booklets.

Well,Not-4-Kids-or-Adults Entertainment has licensed the One Piece anime(there's even reaction from the Fanta Channel).However,even with Kappei-sama voicing Usopp,whether the domestic license is a good or bad thing depends on how common the Bellmere character is.My take on this:If the anime domesticators behind Pokémon,Shaman King,and Yuu-Gi-Oh! were really smart;they should only try going after series such as Matantei Loki Ragnarok,Tonde Buurin,Nurse Angel Ririka SOS,Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint,Panzer World Galient,Yawara!,Blue Blink,Bit the Cupid,Anmitsu Hime,ESPer Mami,Wanakusa Monogatari,and Lets and Go.No,there's no connection between any of the anime series I mentioned in that last sentence.
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