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Since I don't want to depress anyone today...

We now bring you to your regularly scheduled uplifting LJ post...

According to this newly discovered site,Kappei-sama voiced a guest character(Choutarou)in episode 29 of Akazukin Cha Cha.Even if Shiine-chan appeared in that episode,I'm really not too scared.Believe it or not,based on recent experiences watching anime,Noriko Hidaka(though she's voiced a couple of "evil" anime characters)is not the one seiyuu that makes me cringe the most;and I need not say who does have that dubious honor...

Maybe it's because she ruined the previous marriage of now-hubby Marc Anthony even before and during her ill-fated engagement to Ben Affleck,but why does J.Lo seem to be a bit of a player to me?
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