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  • Mon, 00:21: RT @lindyli: The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre makes stools out of elephant feet, cowards out of politicians, and corpses out of our loved ones
  • Mon, 00:21: RT @davidhogg111: End the filibuster- defeat the NRA
  • Mon, 00:22: RT @NickKnudsenUS: The NRA is a terrorist organization funded by Putin. Pass it on.
  • Mon, 00:22: RT @TheRickyDavila: The NRA is a terrorist organization, it should be shut down, its assets need to be liquidated, its leaders should be cr…
  • Mon, 00:22: RT @JRehling: The only developed country with a mass shooting problem is the only country with the NRA. This is not a coincidence. This is…
  • Mon, 00:22: RT @CajunBlueAZ1: Fuck the NRA. Brought to you by another mass shooting, courtesy of a well organized militia at a birthday party?
  • Mon, 00:22: RT @SHEsus__Christ: The NRA cares more about guns than they do about actual children.
  • Mon, 00:22: RT @PalmerReport: This is felony child abuse. Arrest this woman, rescue this child, and shut the NRA down like the terrorist group that it…
  • Mon, 00:22: RT @blueheartedly: Who thinks the NRA needs to be shut down immediately?
  • Mon, 00:22: RT @davidmweissman: Can Congress declare the NRA as a terrorist organization and get them defunded?
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