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The harder they fall,literally and figuratively...

This post is dedicated in memory of the once-proud Comics and Comix chain which at one point operated at least 8 stores in the San Francisco Bay area and metropolitan Sacramento regions for at least 2 decades before it was brought down by a long lost distant relative of eFront big cheese Sam Jain.It's a shame because I kinda grew up with one of the Sacramento locations even before I got into anime...

Well,after working a rather unconvetional 10(am)-2(pm) shift and eating lunch at Round Table Pizza(Since the personal pizza wasn't going to be ready for 15-20 minutes after ordering;I killed some time next door at Gamestop,buying myself BOF:Dragon Quarter to possibly hear Kappei-sama,a used PS2 memory card,and the discounted copy of the Shoujo Kakumei Utena:Darkness Beckoning DVD I described in a previous post.);I then hit the bus for World's Best Comics.There I called my sister to tell her that I found manga that she was looking for.Afterwards,I talked with the owner which is how I unfortunately found about last month's demise of the venerable Comics and Comix chain.Anyway,I bought some manga for myself(which I'll discuss momentarily)as well as the manga my sister had been long looking for before I hit another bus home.

Anyway,once home,I watched the aforementioned Utena DVD(episodes 21-23)before and after dinner.BTW,the manga I bought was the first 2 domestic Code Name wa Charmer graphic novels.I've read a little of the first GN already;and how Yuuji Nonaka(-sama) is depicted as a lech is not what scares me the most.Rather,it's because that Narumi Kakinouchi may be plotting to hook up Yuuji-sama with lead character Naomi Namimura(which abuses him often,sound familiar?);which concerns me because in the previously mentioned drama CD that I just listened to a second time,Kappei-sama voices Yuuji-sama and Naomi-kun...uh,I won't go there.Otherwise,the story is decent...

BTW,I just bid on another Megumi Hayashibara CD...
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