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It seems that long-neglected sites are finally disappearing...

At least on Geo$hities,anyway.In my Ranma ½ bookmarks folder,I recently check some abandoned sites I rarely go to anymore;and sure enough,I got error messages saying that the site(s) have been deactivated due to lack of activity.They've now started removing inactive homepage accounts,and some of the affected sites haven't been updated since 1996-1997(before I got into anime).Scary,isn't it?

Before dinner,I managed to listen to Twinbee Paradise 3,volume 1(Konami,KICA-7705).Not only is this the one with Hiromi Tsuru in a minor role,this is also a first-pressing edition that includes a bonus 3-inch mini-CD.Even better,the mini-CD even includes a radio show interview between castmates Kappei Yamaguchi(-sama) and Mariko Kouda(the latter who hosted the radio show in which the drama was featured on before it was released onto CD's).For some reason,why am I imagining "Light and Erina,sitting in a tree?"Oh,and speaking of Light-sama(Kappei-sama's character);he sings on 2 tracks on the Twinbee Paradise 3 Vocal Bomb CD(Konami,KICA-7761)which I listened to a couple of nights ago.One is a solo and the other is a duet with Soryuuto(voiced by Wakana Yamazaki in both the drama and anime).If there was only a comprehensive English site devoted to this series...

Finally,is it just me,or did Suetake have only a little bit of dialogue in the first Sensei no Ojikan drama CD(Avex,AVCT-15004)?
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