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La la la la la la...

Well,does anyone remember the Smurfs?This past weekend,while browsing at a shop inside Country Club Plaza,I accidentally stumbled into some new Smurf toys.Upon doing so,I discovered the address for the official web site.I grew up watching them on TV,and they must be still popular after all these years...

Well,the folks at Gamestop have begun a new discount practice on new anime DVD's:if a title sits on the shelf way to long,they discount at 50% off.I've already taken advantage of this new regular offer to grab a copy of the live-action Onmyoji.Recently,I noticed a copy of the Shoujo Kakumei Utena TV series DVD volume titled Darkness Beckoning in the 50% off clearance bin.It's the next volume immediately from what I own/have seen(I'm a shade over halfway);but for some strange reason,I don't know whether it's worth it to continue further in the series.On the flip side,I did see a used copy of Breath of Fire:Dragon Quarter,which seems more promising because it may have Japanese dialogue which means I get to hear Kappei-sama...

Finally,speaking of Kappei-sama,my Shadow Skill V drama CD(KICA-310)arrived on Saturday;and to my surprise,it's came sealed(and still is since I haven't listened to it yet).Most of the CD's I've won from this seller are normally used ex-rentals(yes,a CD rental industry exists in Japan).I could have mentioned it last post,but I was so caught up in the moment surrounding that post that I totally forgot...^.^;;;;;
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