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  • Sun, 12:12: RT @jomoosagie62: Covidiocy in Texas and Florida. I am scared for my nephews and niece
  • Sun, 12:12: RT @mmpadellan: Despite the recent outbreak of Spring Break covidiots all over the country, please be advised that the pandemic is STILL a…
  • Sun, 12:13: RT @GavinNewsom: $1 billion in student debt for 72,000 borrowers will be eliminated. Great news.
  • Sun, 12:13: RT @GavinNewsom: Happy Persian New Year to all those celebrating!
  • Sun, 12:13: RT @MayorToddGloria: We have done a lot of work in my first 100 days as your Mayor, but this is just the beginning. #100DaysofProgress http…
  • Sun, 12:13: RT @GavinNewsom: CA logged a record breaking week: - Nearly 1 million vaccines administered in 48 hours. - Over 14 million total administ…
  • Sun, 12:15: RT @mmpadellan: Who else thinks Ron DeSantis needs to be recalled or fired or whatever it is they do to shitty governors?
  • Sun, 12:15: RT @mmpadellan: Speaking of shitty Florida politicians, Marco Rubio voted against COVID Relief for his constituents. Your RT and small dona…
  • Sun, 12:16: RT @babsbosslady: Please RETWEET #RECALLDESANTIS
  • Sun, 12:16: RT @MeliMels99: There is an effort to recall Gavin Newsome. Calls for Cuomo to resign. Where do I sign up to recall Desantis, the guy who…
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    Fri, 00:01: RT @ GavinNewsom: EIGHTY-FOUR-THOUSAND. That’s the number of NEW housing units and exits from homelessness we’re creating. Because…

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    Tue, 21:16: RT @ BeckyPringle: Sending big congratulations to both @ GavinNewsom & @ WeAreCTA for defeating this recall! I'm so proud of…

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    Mon, 17:16: RT @ mmpadellan: EXPAND THE COURT to diminish the negative impact of SCOTUS justices Amy Coney Barrett, Beer Kavanaugh, and Neil…

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