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Not a good time to be a sports fan...

My Kings get burned by the game 7 jinx,again.Not to mention the threat of a 2004 Stanley Cup Finals matchup between the Tampa Bay Frightening(they swept my Habs in the second round this postseason) and the Calgary Lames(they beat my Habs in the 1989 Stanley Cup Finals).Philadelphia,pretty please win game 7 of the (NHL)Eastern Conference finals.

Believe it or not,as much as I hate their "domestication" of anime,there are at least a few anime titles that I'm hoping that Not-4-Kids-or-Adults-Entertainment would license domestically.I won't identify them,but I will say that none of them features Kappei-sama even in a one-shot guest voice role...

Back to the NBA,all I have to say concerning the remaining teams in the playoffs is...

Geaux Pacers
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