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One year ago...

...not only did Chris Webber get hurt in a Kings loss in game 2 of their second round series against the Dallas Mavpricks,but even worse,I had the misfortune of finding out about Hiromi Tsuru's "act of treason"(her now-defunct marriage to fellow seiyuu Keiichi Nanba)...

One year later,the Kings again lose in a game 2 of an NBA Western Conference second-round playoff series;and knowing that seiyuu who voiced Ranma-kun's cute fiancée can't be married to Kappei-sama(who obviously voiced Ranma-kun)still has me uneasy,since there is at least one scenario that is worse than him being married to a non-seiyuu.I'd like to know who,but I'm also too scared to find out at the same time...

山 | ?
口 | ?
勝 | (?)
平 | (?)
さ | (?)
ん | (?)

Gomen if the "ai ai gasa" came out a little crooked.Some of the kanji that I copied and pasted takes up a character and a half.

On a brighter note,a rival bidder ran out of time trying to outbid me on a genuine Japanese "first pressing" copy of Megumi Hayashibara's Bertemu.Not only that...


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