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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
I haven't gotten the domestically available manga yet,but... 
6th-May-2004 09:48 pm
I just listened to the Code Name wa Charmer "image album" drama CD(BCCM-6,the one I purchased on eBay that has 山口勝平-sama and 渕崎ゆり子 in the top 2 roles,but fortunately also stars 天野由梨 and 伊藤美紀 in major roles.)based on the Narumi Kakinouchi manga(available domestically from Studio Ironcat)of the same name.Though only one English language site gives character profiles for this title(and though I don't have the manga yet),why am I hoping that the creator intended for a Yuuji/Kaede pairing and not Yuuji/Naomi?I ended up listening to a Japanese import copy(UICY-2101)of Guns N'Roses' Appetite for Destruction(also won on eBay from a different seller)afterward...

Before listening to both CD's,I watched the Sakura Taisen movie;and it actually had a better plot that some people thought...

*hopes no one reading this is tempted to search for non-English sites devoted to this manga from the creator of Vampire Princess Miyu*

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