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At least he didn't try to hide at my house...

Around 3:15-ish,a car thief,crashed a stolen SUV into a neighbor's fence.Soon enough,as multiple sheriff's units had thought they had him cornered,he flees into a house a block away;and about half an hour later,sheriff officers ultimately issued evacuation orders.After filing out of the neighborhood(some spectators watched from a road-over-railroad overpass and a convenience store),my sister and myself ended up catching up with one of her friends at a 99 Cents Only store and ended up going to her house.While there(and while they were watching Kare Kano upstairs),I was watching my cell phone screen expecting either an "all clear" signal from the sheriff or a call from my parents(who weren't quite off from work yet).The latter finally came around over 3 hours later around 7-7:15 and I finally got back home after 7:30,almost 4 hours after the whole neighborhood(including an elementary school)was evacuated.Even in a decent neighborhood,the unexpected can(and often)happens...

I was hoping to whittle down my unwatched anime DVD pile,too.The silver lining?Thanks to Mike Bibby,my Kings have drawn first blood in their second round series against Minnesota...
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