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I took over years 3 years to do it,but...

I now have seen all of the Card Captor Sakura anime:70 TV episodes and 2 movies.Things actually got a little dark beging with the last several TV episodes.The ending of the last TV episode turned out to be a bit of a teaser to lead into the second movie(The first movie actually was a side story almost independent of the main storyline).The final TV episode and second movie each had a card that didn't appear in the previous 69 TV episodes.It was virtually fitting that Sakura's true revelation came as the ending theme(in the second movie)began playing;and it's rumored that Sakura Kinomoto's seiyuu,丹下桜,retired from the seiyuu industry after this movie.

I've now managed to complete a series for the second time in under a month(I completed Mahou Tsukai Tai a week or two ago.).Slowly,but surely,I'm whittling down my pile of unwatched anime.Eventually,I'll get to completing other series I'm still working on(G Gundam,Gate Keepers,Shin Seiki Evangelion,Noir,among others),as well as the movie versions of Kidou Senkan Nadeshiko and Sakura Taisen.Of course,that pile incudes anime DVD's that I've yet to see(including K.O. Beast and Battle Angel),and re-aquainting myself with Maison Ikkoku for the first time on region 1 DVD(I previously saw the first dozen episodes on VHS).

Back to CCS,I also have 4 bilingual manga volumes;and have read the first one extensively.However,as Kodansha is notorious for not completing bilingual serializations of manga titles using that format,only 6(of 12 total)CCS tankoubon volumes have received the bilingual treatment.Oh,I forgot to mention that the second movie DVD also includes a Kero-chan short that was screened in Japanese theaters along with the main feature;and finally,speaking of Kero-chan,it is better casting for 久川綾 to voice male characters than it is to cast 山口勝平-sama and 渕崎ゆり子 together in the same voice-acting project(anime,game,or music/drama CD)which thankfully rarely happens and hasn't since episode 4 of Sakura Taisen OVA 2.
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