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Third time's a (bad luck) charm,maybe...

Well,two bidders tried to outbid me on a genuine Japanese imported copy of Masami Okui's DoCan,but ended up wimping out.However,a third DIDN'T wimp out:He/she kept bidding until my high proxy bid was finally killed.But wait!Not only does the winning bidder have a low(single digits)feedback rating;but some of it's neutral(though none is negative...yet).Though the auction has ended,I'll check back to see if this is actually consummated.Besides,my feedback rating is near triple digits with no neutrals or negatives.Oh,did I forget to mention that I'm bidding on two more Twinbee Paradise CD's(one music and one drama,both with Kappei-sama)from the same reputable seller?

BTW,since it's already tomorrow in Japan,happy 39th birthday to Kumiko Nishihara.Though the identity of Kappei-sama's "cutie pie" remains a mystery;if he IS married to a fellow seiyuu,the lady who's voiced characters such as Shiori Takatsuki and Iris Châteaubriand could be among(if not absolutely)the most likely "suspects" for reasons detailed in this old entry...
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