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  • Mon, 00:16: RT @MollyJongFast: A few days after the Tulsa rally Herman Cain got coronavirus, he later died.
  • Mon, 00:16: RT @kazweida: First indoor rally since Tulsa. Can’t help but think of Herman Cain, although certainly the Trump campaign seems to have forg…
  • Mon, 00:16: RT @atrupar: Herman Cain could not be reached for comment on the wisdom of this plan
  • Mon, 00:16: RT @TheRickyDavila: It is rather interesting how fast the death of Herman Cain vanished as if to forget that he died as a direct result of…
  • Mon, 00:16: RT @DWUhlfelderLaw: Illegal Trump super spreader hits Nevada. He killed Herman Cain at last one in Tulsa. Who’s he going to kill at this one
  • Mon, 00:16: RT @4everNeverTrump: Herman Cain died from covid-19 following Trump's last major indoor rally, where he may have contracted it. Republican…
  • Mon, 00:16: RT @SethAbramson: People will die because of this—just as people died after Tulsa (including a recent GOP presidential candidate who led th…
  • Mon, 00:16: RT @NotDevinsMom: Sadly, Herman Cain could not attend the rally due to a previous engagement.
  • Mon, 00:16: RT @Kris_Sacrebleu: He literally killed Herman Cain and they didn’t care
  • Mon, 00:16: RT @DWUhlfelderLaw: Let @HendersonNVPD know what you think about Trump breaking law for his super spreader event tonight. Herman Cain died…
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    Fri, 00:01: RT @ GavinNewsom: EIGHTY-FOUR-THOUSAND. That’s the number of NEW housing units and exits from homelessness we’re creating. Because…

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    Tue, 21:16: RT @ BeckyPringle: Sending big congratulations to both @ GavinNewsom & @ WeAreCTA for defeating this recall! I'm so proud of…

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    Mon, 17:16: RT @ mmpadellan: EXPAND THE COURT to diminish the negative impact of SCOTUS justices Amy Coney Barrett, Beer Kavanaugh, and Neil…

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