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Baseball rant...

While I haven't watched it nearly as much as I watched it years ago,yesterday I had the urge to watch the game between the New York Damn Yankees and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.While I'm not a fan of either team,I had to watch it.Because even though it was a tape-delayed rebroadcast of a game aired at 2 a.m. PST,the game was being played at the Tokyo Dome in Japan;and I wanted to catch a rare glimpse of a full baseball game played on Japanese soil,and it didn't matter to me whether it was major league or professional Japanese...

Speaking of Japanese pro baseball,there are 2 leagues of 6 teams each;and most(if not all)are backed/owned by corporations.The season is 140 games long,and games can end in ties since there's a 12-inning limit(at least in the regular season).Since there are no intraleague payoffs,there's a post-regular season window(of about a week or two)preceding the Japan Series(a best-of-7 series between the respective champs of the Central and Pacific leagues,Japan's 2 pro leagues)in which rainouts are made up as needed.As for the teams themselves...:

Central League:Hanshin Tigers(last year's league champs,they play at Koshien Stadium in the Osaka Suburb of Nishinomiya),Chunichi Dragons(they play in the Nagoya Dome),Hiroshima Toyo Carp,Yokohama Bay Stars(formerly the Taiyo Whales),Yakult Swallows(they play at venerable Jingu Stadium near Tokyo's historic Meiji Shrine),and Yomiuri Giants(perhaps the most popular Japanese team,they are a co-tenant of the Tokyo Dome)

Pacific League(which utilizes the designated hitter rule):Kintetsu Buffaloes(they play in the Osaka Dome),Orix Blue Wave(based in Kobe),Chiba Lotte Marines(sometimes known as the Lotte Orions),Seibu Lions(based in the Tokyo suburb of Tokorozawa),Nippon Ham Fighters(the other co-tenant of the Tokyo Dome),and Fukuoka Daiei Hawks(last year's league and Japan Series champions)

Speaking of Daiei Hawks,it came to me recently that it's the hometown team of several seiyuu all of whom were born in Fukuoka(possibly Kyushu's most populous city):Kappei Yamaguchi(-sama),Yuuji Ueda(the true Japanese voice of Sanosuke Sagara,even though I've yet to seriously watch Rurouni Kenshin),Ryoutarou Okiayu,Kenichi Ogata,Ryuunosuke Ohbayashi,Miwa Matsumoto,Yukari Tamura,and possibly others too minor for me to have heard of...

There may be some discrepancies in the info I've provided on Japanese pro baseball(I actually read a book on it years ago when I checked it out from a library);but back to American baseball,I'm predicting a Giants/Red Sox Fall Classic.Long live Steve Bartman!Sorry,Cubbies!

CUBS LOSE!CUBS LOSE!HOLY COW!My apologies to the spirit of the late Baseball HOF bradcaster Harry Caray

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