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A thin line between otakudom and reality?

Golgo 13:A inspiration behind controls in yen/dollar fluctuations?

This article was published in today's print edition of the Sacramento Bee,though it wasn't available on its homepage.As for the series,I've personally neither read the manga or watched the anime.

Fortunately,yesterday(when I was off and was only out for errands) was the worst of the service cutbacks caused by a mass sickout by RT bus and light rail operators.I did notice fewer buses on the streets that there are normally on a weekday.Today,most service is back to normal;and there are no forecasted trip cancellations on the routes I use to get to work.

Also;happy birthday in advance to 3 great seiyuu celebrating birthdays within 2 days of each other:Chieko Honda(41 years old on the 28th),Hiromi Tsuru(the one who could have been Kappei-sama's personal "Mega Babe" turns 44 on the 29th),and Megumi Hayashibara(the soon to be expectant mother turns 37 on the 30th).

Lastly,if you noticed yesterday's post,I now also have another avatar that reminds you that...

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