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Sports card rant...

About a dozen years ago,I was an active sports card collector.Eventually,as manufacturers started coming out with premium products and inflating prices on their base products;I kinda de-emphasized the hobby,but have hung on to my existing collection and have occasionally purchased a couple complete sets:a still mint sealed UD Victory 2000 baseball set and a 1990 Upper Deck baseball set(featuring Juan Gonzalez and Sammy Sosa RC's).In simpler terms,I still collect them as a secondary hobby.With a recent sports card show I stumbled into at a shopping mall on the way to work,I've had to urge to browse eBay for unopened packs for incomplete sets that I already own.For this purpose,I look mainly for ones with "Buy It Now" options,saving the bidding for when the auction is in the final minute.Unless I have at least one card of Doug Christie,Chris Webber,Anthony Peeler,and/or Vlade Divac;I don't think I have any basketball cards of current Sacramento Kings(to bad the Los Angeles Fakers just denied them a sweep of the season series already)since all of my basketball ones are at least 10 years old.

Speaking of sports,I've downloaded another avatar that's basically reserved for posting in the sports team communities I belong to.

On an animanga/J-pop/seiyuu note,while I praise her for not trying to be provocative on the covers and/or insert booklets of her CD's,is it just me or was it unnecessary for Megumi Hayashibara to be pictured wearing shorts both on the cover and various times in the insert booklet of her Enfleurage CD(which otherwise is very good)?
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