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I haven't listened to my new Twinbee Paradise CD's yet,but...

Already,the fact that 2 of them(KICA-7718 and KICA-7705)are apparently "first pressings" has me salivating.They both come in an outer paper case with the obi(spine card)incorporated into it.Additionally,they also each include 2 freebies:a 3-inch bonus CD and a fold-up poster with interviews and info(all in Japanese)on the backsides.

Even better,the latter of the 2 apparently features Kappei-sama on both the 3-inch CD and the back-of-the-poster info files(including several small pics of him one of which pictures him with who I think is cast-mate Mariko Kouda though I could be wrong).Not only that,the main CD also co-stars Hiromi Tsuru(who had she never married now-ex Keiichi Nanba,could have easily been married to Ranma ½ castmate Kappei-sama since Hiromi-sama voiced Ranma-kun's true fiancée)in a minor role.The third(KICA-7821/22) is a double-CD set that comes in the normal plastic double case(In fact,I was outbid on a different copy of this same title previously when it was up for auction from a different seller;so this is the second time I succeeded on getting a rare Kappei CD the second time around after being robbed the first time.The other instance was on the aforementioned Seiyuu Voice Message Volume 1.);and all 4 CD's have drama tracks.

Additionally,a copy of the BOF 3 drama album is up for auction.The only reason I haven't bid on this is because someone has already placed the first bid(a rare instance in which someone other than myself draws first blood on an auction for a CD featuring Kappei-sama).However,I am monitoring it and may bid if there are multiple bidders fighting over it...
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