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Just as my 3 latest Twinbee Paradise drama CD's arrived in the mail...

Another one(that I don't have) gets listed by the same eBay seller.I must be dedicated enough that I'll go for any CD in this series that has drama tracks,though I tend to ignore ones with only game background music.One good thing about the Twinbee series(games/drama CD's/OVA's)is that seiyuu casting(Kappei-sama and supporting female cast)is very good.Besides,Hekiru Shiina(who is now more of J-pop artist that a seiyuu)may have had the misfortune of being in the same Satoshi Urushihara/Kinji Yoshimoto debacle that Kappei-sama was in;but at least her character wasn't even a third as bad as the main female character...

For some reason,why do I think that Etoh is better in the Lodoss to Senki OVA series than in the TV series(which I haven't seen since it's a lower priority)?
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