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Not yet up for renewal for 45-60 days,but...

I purchased an additional 12-month term for my paid account.I actually tinkered with various layouts(particularly some of the newer ones)yesterday;but none seemed better than the current one I use...

It seems that Toei Animation may be dissapointing a lot of "moonies:"They have declined to renew ADV's license of the first 2 TV seasons;and don't plan to re-license it to another domestic distributor.The moratorium begins April Fools Day(seriously,when the license expires);and while it doesn't affect Geneon(formerly Pioneer)Animation's license of the third(S) and fourth(Super S) seasons,it doesn't look like the domestic futures of those releases look safe.If only all the Japanese companies that have previously licensed titles to Not-4-Kids-or-Adults Entertainment had the guts to revoke the North American licenses held by the evil anime domesticator(as bad as,if not worse than,Nelvana)...
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