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Subtitled Godzilla on region 1 DVD?!It's no rumor...

After getting a sorely needed haircut,I walked into an independent video shop(sales,not rentals);and browsed through their new and used DVD's.While browsing through the former;I stumbled into some newly released region 1 releases of a couple of recent Godzilla releases.What really caught my eye was that they were(seriously)dual-language(English-dub and original Japanese audio).It seems that Columbia Tri-Star Home Entertainment(which upon securing the license from Toho to produce 1998's Americanized remake,also secured the North American distribution rights for the more recent Godzilla movies released in Japan the past several years)is finally doing something right that other American film companies were to dim witted to do previously:bring subtitled and unaltered Godzilla to the States.Besides,Kouichi Yamadera(yes,as in the seiyuu behind the voices of Ryouga Hibiki,Ryouji Kaji,and Spike Spiegel) apparently had small roles in a couple of the more recent ones.I didn't get them while I was in that shop,but I'd like to eventually get at least one of those more recent releases which possibly were released here to commemorate Godzilla's 50th anniversary.Also,just before that discovery(but after the haircut),I stumbled into(but again,passed on)an imported Thai VCD of Akira Toriyama's Doctor Slump.I don't know which episodes they were,but my mom is Thai...

Curse those New Jersey Nuts.At least my Kings cant go wrong against the lowly Washington Whizzers...

Finally,back to anime matters,I now have a third LJ avatar(as you can see).This time,it's Osamu the shy-guy from Mamono Hunter Yohko...
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