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Interesting Mahou Tsukai Tai observation...

Recently,I replaced my 4 individual Mahou Tsukai Tai! DVD's with the 7-disc "Magic Box."I had seen the entire OVA series and first 4(of 13)TV episodes prevoisly before the switcheroo.I just finished watching the OVA series again;and noticed something previously overlooked:Though they didn't create the series(Triangle Staff of Serial Experiments Lain did),GONZO(animators of Ao No Roku Go(Blue Sub 6),Gate Keepers,and Peace Maker Kurogane the latter which I haven't seen...yet)is credited for CGI animation and mechanical design.Believe it or not,this series is a situation in which you have to feel sorry for the pervert(why does Takeo Takakura's admirer have to be a guy?).Of the ladies,Sae Sawanoguchi is the best overall;but Nanaka Nakatomi and Mizuha Miyama(the latter which has a Kodachi-type laugh)have the better seiyuu.

BTW,registered LJ users can now text-message me if they'd like:Virgin Mobile doesn't charge its active users to receive text massages,and only charges its users a dime to send them...

Finally,I did an online reverse lookup of the 4 numbers that placed errant/missed calls on my phone.The "wrong number" that I answered that one day was a residence;and of the 3 missed calls,two were businesses and one was unlisted(no info available).More likely than not,my number previously belonged to a user that went inactive long enough that his/her number was reassigned to yours truly...
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