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Take that,Hershey's

Yesterday on the way to catching a bus for work,I wandered into a food shop specializing in British imports.I then stumbled into imported packs of Kit-Kat made by Nestlé U.K.'s Rowntree confectionary business(which Nestlé bought out in the late 80's)which owns the non-US Kit-Kat rights.In the U.S.,Rowntree Mackintosh(when it was an independent company)sublicensed the Kit-Kat rights to Hersheys decades ago.Anyway,I grabbed a pack of the original British Kit-Kat while in that shop(even when the genuine article cost more than the Americanized version)and ate it during my break;and it was actually good.

Have a break.Have a Kit Kat.

The auctions for 3 individual Twinbee Paradise CD's ended yesterday.End result:A perfect 3 for 3!
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