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What?!An alternate LJ avatar for yours truly?

It wasn't easy,but I found a Tombo(from Majo no takkyubin/Kiki's Delivery Service)mini-pic that was small enough to use as an LJ avatar.Still;I've yet to find ones for Bass(Houma Hunter Lime/Jewel BEM Hunter Lime),Tarou Yoshida(Fancy Lala),Takuma(Jungle de Ikou!),and/or Haruhiko Kasama(Please Save My Earth).I haven't looked for any Sai Saishi ones yet;but it should be a little easier since there's probably a lot of G-Gundam fansites...

I could look for a Nichol Hawking one,but I wouldn't want to relive my experience watching the dreadful anime he's from...
Tags: anime, fancy lala, gundam, lj
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