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Fruits Basket bilingual manga

It came a couple of hours ago;and for some reason,the format that Hakusensha uses for its first dual-language manga seems different(comic panel text is in English,Japanese translations are off to the side with word/term/phrase translations below them)from what Kodansha does.So far;Shigure,Kyou,and Yuki are the only Souma family members that have been introduced...

Also,I'm now bidding on yet 2 more Twinbee Paradise drama CD's...

If you've bid on eBay before what do you think is more annoying:getting sniped in the final 30 seconds(not uncommon)or having a super-high proxy bid wasted when a desperate rival bidder bids repeatedly until he/she outbids you(which is exactly what happened to me about a couple months back on a genuine imported Japanese copy of Megumi Hayashibara's "Shamrock" and recently on a vintage mint-sealed HOYLE double deck)?
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