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Girl Scout cookies!

Last night,just 5 minutes before I was due to clock in for work,there was a Girl Scouts cookie booth in front of the store.I wasn't planning to get any right then,but they said it was the only day they would be there.So I then bought a box each of the chocolate-centric varieties available(Thin Mints,Tagalongs,Samoas,and the new Double Dutches).

BTW,I just listened to both of the Twinbee Paradise CD's that came earlier in the day.One(Twinbee Ranbowbell Adventure,Konami via King Records,KICA-7628-9)actually turned out to be a double CD with predominently instrumental tracks.The second CD in this 2-CD set had some dialogue tracks,but only with a couple female cast members.

However,the other title(Twinbee Taisen Puzzle-dama featuring Meloura Hime,Konami via King Records,KICA-7672)was paydirt:Even when most of the tracks were instrumental background music;not only did it have 2 drama tracks starring Kappei-sama,but it also featured songs from cast members Kikuko Inoue and Mariko Kouda(the first time I've heard the latter sing,I may have read that she's pretty much sworn off voice acting for a singing career)...

Also,I just re-submitted my site to the revamped Anime Web Turnpike.Hopefully,Ranma fans will start finding my site again...

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