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Faceplates,at last...

Yesterday,I made it back to the cell phone shop that had faceplates that went with my K7 Rave phone(as suspected,their card terminal had been out of order last time);and without jinxing either team,I bought a Kings faceplate(they nipped the Fakers without C-Webb,BoJax,or Brad Miller last night;don't ever try to access "fakers.com"),a 49ers faceplate(thanks to a "fumble" by his now-former agent,Terrell Owens isn't a free agent after all,thank goodness),and matching colored keypads to go with each one.Even better,I got a complementary purple belt clip to go with my Kings "cell phone decorations."

BTW,if anyone has watched those televised poker tournaments,does anyone know anything about the version that they play?

Also,if anyone has seen the first Chibi Maruko-chan series(that aired in 1990),who exactly did Kappei-sama voice?
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