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A rare Saturday night post...

Though bidding on this item is a low priority,the listing does make interesting points.Not to mention that the still ongoing SoCal grocery strike could spread as several major urban regional contracts(including northern California)around the country expire by this summer.

Almost 2 weeks ago,I stumbled into a wireless shop(inside Country Club Plaza)which happened to carry an excellent supply of faceplates for Kyocera KE433(the "Rave" series)phones(the shop is an authorized agent for MetroPCS,the only service provider besides Virgin Mobile to use Kyocera's "Rave" series).Unfortunately,when I tried to purchase 3 different sports-team-themed faceplates(one each for the Raiders,49ers,and NBA Kings),their POS debit/credit terminal was malfunctioning;and though I was in too much of a hurry to attempt it,it appeared that they didn't accept checks(there may have been a sign saying so).Hopefully,it'll be fixed if I stop there again this week,since the faceplates offered on eBay aren't fancy enough...

I keep forgetting to mention it;but last year,I actually purchased a copy of the 3-disc Aya Hisakawa compilation Decade(VPCG-84693) at Anime Nation.The third disc even had CD-ROM extras(a video montage and a "welcome" message),and wasn't bad.Contrary to popular belief,it ain't sacrilege when she voices males(Miki Kaoru,Kero-chan)...
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