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Hopefully,my higher proxy bids won't be killed...

I just placed super high proxy bids on two different imported Japanese(not bootleg)Twinbee Paradise drama CD's.They're not the same ones I was outbid(from A Hong Kong seller)on despite my high proxy bids,but are from a Japan-based seller.Hopefully,"gamestone" already has at least one(preferrably both)of them...

Speaking of Kappei CD's,my copy of Seiyuu Voice Message Volume 1(Platz Records through Nippon Columbia,PLCA-808)arrived safely(arigatou gozaimasu,nozomu_bunny),and I just gave it a listen.Of the 4 tracks(out of 8 overall)in which Kappei-sama was in(one was a solo song),the only one in which I couldn't recognize him was on the CD's opening track in which all the seiyuu on it sang together.The other seiyuu featured(besides Kappei-sama)were Kaneto Shiozawa,Kouichi Yamadera,Ryou Horikawa,Mayumi Tanaka,Chie Koujirou(don't know what she's done),Chika Sakamoto(who I originally thought voiced Ketto in Majo no Takkyubin(Kiki's Delivery Service)),and Kazue Ikura(the latter 3 who formed a group called "GALLOP" for this CD)..

On a non-seiyuu note:If UnSafeway stockholders were smart,they'd dump the man who's bringing down his own company single-handedly,Steve Burd;and I'm not saying this simply because I'm a member of the UFCW,Local 588...
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