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Hitoshi Doi wa hentai,part deux(and other assorted random ramblings)...

First of all;arigatou gozaimasu to Junko Iwao,Tomoko Kawakami,Yuuko Miyamura,Houko Kuwashima,Yukari Tamura,Masumi Asano,and Mikako Takahashi for not disclosing your clothing sizes/measurements to Hitoshi Doi's seiyuu database.Because not all male fans of female seiyuu are perverts...

BTW;though the only part of Super Bowl XXXVIII(Patriots buck "upset trend" 32-29)that I actually saw(at Circuit City on the way to work)was the first offensive series for each team,all I have to say about the controversial halftime show is this:If they can show Justin Timberlake ripping off Janet Jackson's top,why are broadcast networks too scared to show uncut versions of Pocket Monsters,Digimon Adventure,Beyblade,Yuu-Gi-Oh,Shaman King,and Card Captor Sakura?!

If only there was somewhere(online or off)to purchase anime-oriented faceplates for a Kyocera KE433(better known as Virgin Mobile's K-7 Rave)...

While on my way to a used video store(to unload some no-longer-needed anime video's/DVD's on),I made a quick stop at a comic shop and unexpectedly hit paydirt(an imported Japanese copy of the first manga volume of Rumiko Takahashi's Maison Ikkoku).It'll basically be a companion to the first couple volumes of the re-released(and now uncut)domestic Viz graphic novels...

As you may know,just about every domestic anime distributor has begun re-releasing their earlier and/or most popular titles with new lower prices,new artwork,and(in the case of ADV's upcoming "Anime Essentials" line)additional bonus materials.What I don't get is how ADV considers the woeful Plastic Little an "Anime Essential..."

Lastly,happiness is knowing that there is no such thing as a "Ghibli-slash" pairing.If there was such a thing,the world must really be coming to an end...
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