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Jury duty,round 2(sort of)

This time,I was on standby for a possible midday report yesterday;only to find out about midmorning that my second stint of jury duty service(I served on jury in August 2002 in a domestic violence case that ended in a full conviction;there should still be an old post from August or September 2002 still intact)was done without even having to report to the downtown Sacramento courthouse.I had even purchased a Virgin Mobile phone at work(A few months ago,Rite Aid began carrying Virgin Mobile and Tracfone phones as well as cards to use with them and other prepaid/pay-as-you-go wireless phone services.)the previous day to prepare myself and even activated it yesterday morning before checking the updated jury instructions online(which became available around 11am)for my "group number."I even called the jury instruction hotline(the first call that I placed on my new cell phone other than for set-up purposes)just to make sure.Had my group been needed,I most likely would have had to immediately change into respectable attire,race out the house,and then call work as I hurried to the bus stop.Though it ultimately was a non-event(like the Y2K bug was),I don't expect my first cell phone to be even close to a total waste(pay phones can sometimes be unreliable,not to mention you can't always have enough or exact change);even when I'm not really much of a phone person...

Also,I've won yet another Kappei CD on eBay.I only found out about this CD browsing through items for auction from the seller that I won my RG Veda CD from.However,the images in the listing showed Kappei-sama's kanji name on the CD packaging;and sure enough,a visit to this site confirmed what I had suspected:that Kappei-sama talks/sings on this CD.I've even seen quite a few Ranma ½ CD's up for auction/sale from the same eBay store I won/bought my Twinbee Paradise CD's from,though they're a low priority for yours truly believe it or not...

Finally,speaking of Ranma ½,I'm already liking this Ranma/Nadesico crossover fic more than most fics that don't pair Ranma-kun with "the cute fiancée..."
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