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AT&T Wireless and Cingular talking merger:Big fat hairy deal...

The main reason I'm reluctant to get a cell phone(not that there's anyone that I'm likely to chat with regularly,anyway)is that just about all the national providers(AT&T,Cingular,T-Mobile,Sprint,Verizon,NEXTEL,etc.)like to rip everyone off by alloting them only so many minutes a month and then charging them hefty overage fees whenever they go over.It's so piggish that I don't ever want to pay those cell phone service provider pigs a single penny...

In fact,in the event that I must get myself a cell phone,only one "national" provider deserves my business:Metro PCS.They are one of the few providers that offer ONLY monthly flat-rate service with no contracts or credit checks($35 unlimited local calling or $40 unlimited local calling PLUS unlimited nationwide long-distance).So far,service is available in 5 national metro areas:Atlanta,Miami/Fort Lauderdale,Fort Myers/Naples(FL),San Francisco Bay Area,and Sacramento valley region/Stockton(CA);the latter metro area which I reside in.If only the big guns offered monthly flat-rate wireless...

Also,it seems that many of the kanji seiyuu names I've created in the LJ interests lists are no longer "unique."Arigatou too all that have found them in the interests lists and have started using them...


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