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Why "sealed" decks of playing cards may not always mean complete...

Yesterday,I purchased an older(at least 20-years old)HOYLE double-deck at an independent pharmacy before catching a bus to work.I then noticed that even though both decks(flowers and birds on the backs)were factory sealed,the cards appeared to be uneven(some in the same deck were flatter than the others).When I got home,I ended up opening both decks;and to my surprise,one deck had just a single Joker while the other had 2!At least both decks each still had the required 52 cards,so it could have been worse;and since HOYLE was swallowed up by The United States Playing Card Monopoly almost 3 years ago,it wouldn't have been any use trying to contact them anyway...

Also,my RG Veda CD came(I was awakened by the postman's doorbell again);and maybe because the 2 drama tracks were short(and also because he sounded "mature" in the anime version);but why didn't I hear/recognized Kappei-sama's voice even though according to Hitoshi Doi's database he had at least some dialogue on this CD(CSCL-1630)?
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