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Awakened by the postman's doorbell yesterday...

Yesterday,all 4 Twinbee Paradise CD's arrived safely(he delivered it personally because it was insured package from Hong Kong).One of them "Soundtrack Selection 3"(Konami Music Entertainment via King Records,,KICA-7754)was music-oriented;but Light(the main character who is voiced by Kappei-sama)had at least some dialogue even then;and obviously had more dialogue in the other three drama-oriented CD's.For some reason,all the female cast members sounded almost exactly alike...

Also,congratulations to Megumi Hayashibara(the "other" Japanese Ranma seiyuu)on expecting your first child(some ba$tard on eBay recently overcame my super-high opening proxy bid on and stole away a genuine Japanese copy of "Shamrock" that was within my grasp).Hopefully,the mother of Kappei-sama's children is not either of 2 seiyuu whose names I won't mention(only that they voiced characters that were cruel to Kappei-sama's characters in a few anime series which I won't identify)...
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